Handyman Repair Services in Charlotte NC

Professional Handyman Services in Charlotte NC

My name is Robert Lee Lanier, and I have been a handyman for home repair and remodeling services for more than 30 years – longer than any other competitor in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. There is a reason for that, too: My experience and expertise in painting, masonry, remodeling and drywall has made me a trusted name for home repair and remodeling services in the area and at a very affordable price.

Experienced Home Repair & Remodeling

My primary goal is to complete each job with a keen eye for each and every detail. My longevity in the business is a testament to my patience, care and high-quality results. Robert Lee Lanier Handyman Services is a one-man operation – it’s just me. This allows me to carry out each job with a single vision while making as little commotion as possible and keeping my prices low. Whether remodeling your home or having needed repairs made, each job will be performed quickly and accurately at a reasonable price. Robert Lanier Handyman Services may be small, but our list of satisfied clients is huge and only continues to grow with every successful project.

Full-Service Home Improvement

It would be my pleasure to have an in-person consultation to discuss the home repair or remodeling project you have in mind. I specialize in commercial and residential maintenance contracts, and fully guarantee that I will achieve the results you are looking for – no matter how large or small your project may be.