7 Proven Improvements To A Tiny Kitchen

7 Proven Improvements To A Tiny KitchenOne of the most important rooms in a home is the kitchen. The kitchen is the place where the majority of time is spent cooking, cleaning, and mingling about with family and friends.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who were blessed with a large, open, and spacious kitchen, this post is probably not for you.

We are dedicating this post to those people who have the small kitchens, the ones with little storage, counter, and cooking space.

A smaller kitchen can still be completely useful and a great place for meal prep, dining, and gathering with others. But, there are ways you can transform a small kitchen so that it functions just a little bit better.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune with project timeline to make your kitchen work a little better for you, just a few small adjustments will do.

Here are some ideas for you to consider increasing the potential of your small kitchen:

1.Add open storage so that you are maximizing free space and giving the illusion of more space when the shelves are left open.

2. Maximize your existing shelving by adding stackable shelves or under-shelf baskets.

3. Utilize the extra space in your drawers by using tension rods to create spaces for pots, pans, lids, baking sheets, and cutting boards. This is an instant space saver.

4. Look to the back and front of the door for a hanging shelving unit where you can place Tupperware, cookie sheets, kids place, etc.

5. Pan racks hung up on the ceiling look great and save you on a lot of space.

6. Don’t forget about the space between your ceiling and the top of your kitchen cupboards. Typically, this space has been left for decorative pieces, but you can use for storage.

7. Clear the clutter because it will make space appear even smaller and more dysfunctional. If you don’t need it, get rid of it.

If you are looking to add additional storage in your smaller scaled kitchen, Robert Lee Lanier Handyman Services is here to help.