7 Proven Improvements To A Tiny Kitchen

One of the most important rooms in a home is the kitchen. The kitchen is the place where the majority of time is spent cooking, cleaning, and mingling about with family and friends. If you’re one of the lucky ones who were blessed with a large, open, and spacious kitchen, this post is probably not… Read more »

Transforming That Unused Bedroom Into An Office Space

It’s that time when parents both dread and welcome the exit of their children from the family home as they venture out on their own. It can be a daunting experience with mixed emotions seeing your child grow into adulthood and become independent in their own living space, whether near or far away. One positive… Read more »

Common Jobs A Handyman Can Do

Hiring a handyman is a great idea for when you have those mild to moderate home repairs that you just can’t seem to get motivated or find the time to do. It can be incredibly difficult to tackle home repairs if you have no experience doing so, especially if working with tools is foreign to… Read more »

Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Not all contractors are the same, even if they provide the same services as others. Price, the length of time for job completion, materials, and so on varies from person to person. Some contractors choose to work with a few other employees on jobs while some contractors have a whole slew of employees, which greatly… Read more »

Handyman Services You Can Use

Most homeowners like to take the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach when repairing or fixing jobs around the home. Those DIY home improvement projects like installing a new carpet in the living room, replacing the garage windows or staining the deck can be done sometimes on a weekend afternoon, if you are savvy enough. Being a “handyman”… Read more »

Get Your Deck Repairs By A Professional Handyman For The Holidays

With the winter months causing unbelievable and unseasonal warmth to the Charlotte area, you might be thinking to have your holiday parties outdoors. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming soon and if you are having guests coming over to celebrate, you’ll have to make room for them to party. If your patio or deck… Read more »

Need Fence Repairs? Let A Handyman Fix Your Fence

It is a long and sometimes arduous process putting a fence on your property. Once it is done, though, you are able to relax and enjoy your hard work. Nothing lasts forever and that holds true to your fence. So when your fence is starting to not look as good as it used to or… Read more »

Let A Handyman Handle The Power Washing

Now that the seasons are changing, many have started packing away all of their summer items including their furniture. Before they are put away, however, some decide to clean them as well as the area they were located in. Many may just hose the area and furniture down with water, but some like to use… Read more »

Need A Home Repair? Call A Handyman

It goes without saying that owning a home is not easy. Between repairs and keeping it clean, being home can feel like another full-time job. That’s why when something breaks inside or outside of your home, contacting your local handyman can help out and make your life a whole lot easier. If you aren’t sure… Read more »

Signs You Need to Replace Your Carpet

The carpeting in your home is something you walk on every day, and often the first thing guests notice when they step inside. Not only should your home’s carpeting match the aesthetics of the entire property, but it should be comfortable yet durable enough to last decades. Unfortunately, no carpet lasts forever and there are… Read more »