Common Jobs A Handyman Can Do

Common Jobs HandymanHiring a handyman is a great idea for when you have those mild to moderate home repairs that you just can’t seem to get motivated or find the time to do.

It can be incredibly difficult to tackle home repairs if you have no experience doing so, especially if working with tools is foreign to you.

Handymen are great because they have the skills, tools, and time to handle those jobs. Plus, a handyman will cost much, much less than a contractor.

If you asked someone how to describe a handyman to you, here is a simple and true response:

Handymen typically handle domestic repairs and minor renovations. They are skilled in trades and repair work in both the interior and on the exterior of a home.

With the wide range of jobs a handyman can perform, it is a wise choice to seek out one in your area.

Common jobs that a handyman can do include:

Drywall repair – for anyone who has ever worked with drywall knows that in simple terms, it’s a pain. Cutting, nailing, spackling, sanding, and painting are all of what needs to be done with drywall. If you don’t cut it correctly, apply the spackling right or sand enough, or too much, you could have a mess on your hands.

Ceramic tile repair or installation – ceramic tile can complete the look of any room and while you may think yours needs a costly replacement, it actually might just need to be repaired or have a new coat of grout applied.

Appliance repair – appliances are incredibly expensive nowadays and most, older models still work perfectly fine. If you notice your fridge temperature is off, for example, don’t replace it – contact a handyman to fix it or at least look at the problem.

With our years of experience and affordable pricing, we are definitely a go-to source for handy work.

At Robert Lee Lanier Handyman Services, we can perform all of the projects above and much more. For your minor repairs and renovations, contact a handyman like us at (904) 861.4716.