Does Your Home Need a Facelift?

It’s not just Mount Rushmore that could use a facelift every now and again. The monument may enjoy things like pressure and power washing on occasion to keep it clean, but sometimes the family home actually needs it just as much. The exterior of a house is built up with mold and algae thanks to the sun and moisture from outside sources. Although this is the exterior, it can not only dirty the exterior but the mold or algae can end up spreading to other parts of the house, through the walls and damage it.

Of course, it isn’t as simple as just spraying down a wall or deck with a high-powered hose. There are certain types of building material that need different care levels, and that includes power washing. Wood is often a type of material that can take less of a hit, so if you power wash it you use a lower power, but wood also happens to be one of the main problems when it comes to mold and other natural problems.

If you are at all not used to doing the work, or are not aware of the different requirements, such as not pressure washing any stucco, then avoid attempting to do it yourself, or renting a power washer. Instead, you can get in touch with a number of handy men or companies that handle pressure washing specifically.

It also just happens to be the perfect season to get things repaired and cleaned up, since the holidays are coming up, where many people end up putting their home on display, even if they don’t want to. Cleaning up the exterior of your house before the light decoration can make all the difference in looks!