Hurricane home preparations in Charlotte

hurricane-homeLiving in Charlotte we all know there’s a chance for a tropical storm or hurricane. They don’t hit as often in Charlotte as other parts of North Carolina, but it only takes one storm wreak havoc on a city – see Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.

Residents of Charlotte shouldn’t be scared of hurricanes, but they should certainly be prepared. There are a number of different ways homeowners can make their Charlotte home hurricane ready, and we’ll go through some of the simple steps I can help you out with to make sure the property damage to your home is kept at a minimum.

Hurricane Shutters – Glass is no match to debris flying over 100 mph. Windows might help keep out wind and rain, but an object flying around through hurricane or tropical storm force winds could easily crack a window before wind finishing it off. Whether it’s roll-down shutters, Bahama hurricane shutters, Colonial hurricane shutters, or aluminum storm panel shutters can be installed to protect the window.

Each has their own advantages, like the aluminum panels aren’t fixed, while the Colonial are aesthetically pleasing like normal shutters, yet incredibly useful. Whatever you decide, I can install is.

Reinforced Garage Door – Like we said in our spring repairs in Charlotte post, one of the number one facilitator of why extensive damage is cause to homes during hurricanes is because the garage door gets blown in. Once that happens, sustained winds of 60-100 mph have access inside of your home. With some extra reinforcements, the garage door won’t be blown in.

Tree branch removal – Weak trees and dead branches are no match for a major wind storm, let alone a hurricane. When take a look around your yard for possible branches or limbs that could break off and fall, especially if those branches are located above your home or power lines. Broken limbs can break windows, puncture holes in roofs or smash through a deck.

Overall, make sure things are secure. Grills, lawn furniture, and even roofing shingles can all be fastened down with glue or ratchet bands. It might be worth having a handyman come over and help prepare your home for a hurricane. A few dollars in prevention could possibly save thousands in the long run.