Interior & Exterior Door Installations

Your front door welcomes visitors and welcomes you home when you come back from a long day. Your doors always protect your home and keep your home safe from intruders while you are out. For home protection and for value-building aesthetics, new doors are one of the quickest and easiest fixes you can make. I provide professional interior, exterior and storm door installation in Charlotte, North Carolina, to make your home safe and make the appearance of your home impeccable.

Investing in a new front and back door builds curb appeal and makes your home safer. You can rest assured when you leave in the morning or sleep at night that your doors are solid and your locks are held in place. Though you may have new doors in your budget, you may not have the time for proper installation. Installing your doors correctly the first time keeps them looking polished and will also make locks safer and easier to operate. I will install your new doors, including double doors, interior doors, exterior doors and storms doors, making sure all locks click smoothly in place and doors open and close with no trouble.

Have new doors installed in your home to increase home security and make your home more beautiful. Contact Robert Lanier Handyman Service to set up an appointment today.