Spring repairs you should think about before Summer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeing a Charlotte handyman for over 30 years I’ve seen it all, and I’ve seen ways on how to repair or upgrade a few things around your home before they can turn into a really big investment.

Roof check – It’s always smart to check your roof for little shingle tears or just loose shingles before the upcoming hurricane season. Easy repairs can be made before something big has to be done, like a new roof. Remember, the rainy season in Charlotte is the summer, so to prevent leaks or blowing shingles during the stormy summer season take a look and call Robert Lee Lanier for a quick repair.

Gutter Trouble? — Many people don’t realize how important gutters are to the home. They help keep the water away from the foundation and prevent a lot of water from dripping down the side of your home. Why is this important? Well moving water is what erodes foundations the most. Keeping your gutters clean, and even, along with a properly placed downspout could be the difference between a couple hundred dollars or a few thousand in foundation repairs.

Reinforced Garage – Do you know the No. 1 cause of why peoples house blow down during a hurricane? Wind gets into the garage and the pressure compounds it so much it just unravels. Most of the time when this happens, the garage roof blows off. How do you prevent this? — a reinforced garage door. A garage door is one of the weakest points in the house. By reinforcing it with anchors to the garage floor, it will protect your home this summer season.

There’s so much more to think about too before the summer wet season. Siding repairs, painting, or even window and door repairs. Let the Charlotte Handyman know. Don’t hire an expensive contractor to do work that might not take that long to complete. Call your Charlotte Handyman today.