Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

The little details in your bathroom or kitchen can make all the difference. Installing new appliances, repairing dents in cabinets, scratches in walls or uneven trim, making more shelf space in the bathroom or repairing broken tiles can take your space from average to extraordinary. Whether you want to add more space and more usefulness to your kitchen or bathroom or you are looking for a modern, revitalized aesthetic, I can help. Contact Robert Lanier Handyman Services for all minor bathroom and kitchen remodeling and renovations in Charlotte, North Carolina, and see the difference details can make.

If you are preparing your home for sale, and you want to take care of imperfections that distract from your space, you have just moved in and you want to make the space your own, or you have been saving up for a new look, I can get started on your bathroom or kitchen renovations right away. With affordable pricing on all renovations, your budget goes farther and you can add more of the features you always wanted.

Install new cabinets, add more space around your sink, change your kitchen backsplash for a modern look, have your bathroom floor re-tiled, put in new light fixtures or make a wide array of other changes. Contact me today to discuss your home renovations and get a quote.