Masonry Slab Painting

The stonework and cement in or around your home is one of the first things visitors notice. From cement floors to stone walls or fireplaces inside your home, or stonework outside your home including walls, facades, stairs, pathways or patios, you want your home to look beautiful inside and out. Cracks, chips, missing pieces or even weak places in your masonry or cement detracts from its look faster than anything else, and can even make the area unsafe. I provide professional, reliable masonry and cement floor painting in Charlotte, North Carolina, to repair these problems and make the surface looks new again.

Masonry is one of the oldest building arts and still requires experience and careful attention to detail today. When masonry is done properly, it is truly a work or art that can stand for generations. I strive to craft stonework that will stand for ages and provide homeowners with a unique, long-lasting surface that gives their home character. For cement floors, patios, pathways and other surfaces, I also provide painting services to mask imperfections create a new surface that complements the surrounding space.

Call Robert Lanier Handyman Service and tell me about your masonry or cement project, and what you envision for your home. I am happy to give you more information and provide you with a quote for any masonry, painting or remodeling services.