Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Questions To Ask Your ContractorNot all contractors are the same, even if they provide the same services as others.

Price, the length of time for job completion, materials, and so on varies from person to person. Some contractors choose to work with a few other employees on jobs while some contractors have a whole slew of employees, which greatly affects your labor costs.

First things first, you want to determine what type of work needs to be done and what is your bottom line financially. Also, how much do you want to be involved in the decision-making process?

Many contractors are experienced enough to overlook the entire job, so you should confirm this straightaway on how the decisions are to be made.

Below are some questions you will want to run by your contractor before work begins:

What does the schedule look like? This is not just from the time the work begins to when it is finished. This is also for the workday hours. Knowing this will allow you to plan your daily life accordingly.

Who will be working on the project daily? You will want faces to go with the names of those workers who are expected to be working on the project each day. This is an important security measure.

How do we communicate with each other? Are you expecting to be updated at the end of each day or each week? What means of contact do you prefer, phone calls or are text messages ok?

Are there any parts of the job that concern the contractor? How experienced are they with handling electrical, plumbing, and foundation work? Do these jobs need sub-service?

What is the process for when situations arise and changes need to be made? Will you be contacted if there need to be changes made in the plans, and will you be notified of the cost at the time the change is decided or when the work is done?

What if the cost of material goes up prior to the job being finished? Will you have the opportunity to choose a less expensive material?

What documentation is provided at the time of completion? Will you be given warranties, paperwork for the type of materials that were used? A paper trail will help you if anything goes wrong down the road.

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