Siding repairs in Charlotte

Keeping the exterior of your home free from cracks, nicks and broken siding pieces is difficult.

The siding is the first line of defense to your home. It keeps out weather and pests and keeps your family safe and dry during storms.

Newer, vinyl siding can last a long time, but weather and accidents happen and cracks or broken pieces can occur throughout time. Keeping your siding looking like new is important, not only aesthetically, but like we mentioned above — to keep out water and pests.

Water entering your home can be a bigger problem than just making things wet. With the warm temperatures and humidity that plague Charlotte every year, mold can accrue if broken siding or cracks in the foundation aren’t fixed immediately.

If you have siding repairs, whether it’s vinyl, aluminum, wood or brick, there’s no need to call on the construction company or contractor who installed the siding. Chances are the job will be too small, or it will be very expensive for just a small job. This is where your Charlotte Handyman comes in.

Robert Lee Lanier has made siding repairs and other exterior housework repairs in Charlotte throughout the past 30 years. Remember, exterior housework repairs can include light fixtures, AC hookups and even electrical too.

As a master craftsman, Robert has a knack for troubleshooting most situations, while giving you a fair price.

Doesn’t it seem like contractors want to charge you’re an arm or a leg for simple repairs? Don’t make that mistake and call the big contracting company in Charlotte, call the handyman. Call Robert Lee Lanier for any small siding or exterior repairs or installation in Charlotte.