Trimwork installation can improve the value of Charlotte homes


It’s the little things that make the difference in home value.

Do you have a fireplace? Or  does the face of your fireplace have the detail and design that people yearn for?

Sure, the appliances new in the kitchen, but does the backsplash and cupboards give that extra pizazz that make it all come together?

With newer homes, sometimes those little details are lost. Sure the home is fitted with new windows, doors and appliances, but does the living room have shadow trim? Or is there crown molding that accentuates the dining room?

These little details are what give the house character, and fortunately for you, the Charlotte Handyman can fit your home with that extra detail to put some life and brilliance into your home.

trimwork2Anything from changing out railing posts to crown molding, sometimes going the extra step can be the difference between selling your home and keeping it on the market. Also, trimwork adds value to your home too. Turn a couple hundred dollars’ worth of trimwork into a couple thousand in property value.

If you live in a newer Charlotte home and you’re looking to add some pizazz without breaking the bank, think about adding trimwork and molding to your home. It’s inexpensive, timeless, and it adds the character and value you’ve always wanted out of your home.

Contact Robert Lee Lanier on adding trimwork to your Charlotte home today. Watch the video below and see how your home can be transformed.